OYT-C650 5-Axis CNC Machining Center

*Product Information:

The 5-axis CNC vertical machining center equipped with an electric spindle that can rotate around the B and C axis, this allows for machining on five sides of the profiles with just one clamping operation and with no aggregate heads. The rotation is powered by a brushless engine. The precision reducer that is provided allows both for a rotation from 0° to 360° along the vertical axis, with increments of 0.01°, and for angle adjustments between +90° and -90° along an axis on the Horizontal plane.This machining center is designed for drilling and conventional milling processes and also for blade cutting operations on aluminum extruded profiles and other materials, including steel reinforced PVC, composite materials and various other plastics or wood. When the machine is provided with a special circular blade it is also possible to perform cutting, trimming and composite cutting operation.

Control system is from the Siemens , there is the man-machine conversation interface, easy for operation. There is adding a full function windows PC on the control station to edit program with DXF files ,Step files (3D software is option )  translate to the NC system.High-speed electric spindle, 8-position tool magazine, automatic tool-changing. Siemens servo motor.ball screw driving, strong linear guide in axis movement. The main parts of the machine are famous brands. High precision, convenient operation and high efficiency.

*Performance characteristics:

  • Machine body consists of complete welding, followed by heat treatment. Machine head

is iron casting . High durability and deformation resistance.

  • precision ball screws, linear guide, rack and pinion.
  • Siemens control systems, man-machine conversation interface, easy for operation.
  • 12KW high speed electric spindle.
  • 8 magazine with auto tool changing function.
  • Professional mobile clamping systems , using the iron casting , could be moved by gantry
  • All the moving parts are lubricated by intermittent feeding system
  • The tool is cooled by the specials cold spray system of machining center to improve the tool life and the precision of the work piece
  • Chips collection boxes
  • Light sensing safety control system
  • Protection device: spindle cover, working area photo electricity protect ,emergency switch.
  • Lighting in work area
  • 8 sets of horizontal pneumatic automatic mobile clamp
  • Triplet air processor 1 set

3 bearings instead of the normal 2 bearings ,  linear guide and screw

Ball bearing Self – lubricating bearings 

Hi-precision gear/rack from Famous brand 

Costing clamping frame ,and flexible Jaws to fit variable shapes of profiles 

Costing  automatic clamps move on the linear guide ,including the locked unit is moving on the round steel bar 

*Main Technical Parameters:

X-Axis: 0~7000mm  

Y-Axis: 0~500mm

Z-Axis: 0~450mm

C-Axis: 0°~180°

A-Axis: 0°~360°

 • Machining accuracy:

Processing Accuracy: ±0.1mm

Repeated Positioning Accuracy: ±0.05mm

X-Axis: ±0.1mm

Y-Axis: ±0.05mm

Z-Axis: ±0.05mm

C-Axis: ±0.05°(increase 0.01°)

A-Axis: ±0.05°(increase 0.01°)

• Working Speed:

X-Axis: 60m/min

Y-Axis: 40m/min

Z-Axis: 30m/min

C-Axis: 25m/min

A-Axis: 25m/min

• Major Components:

X-Axis: Rack and Pinion, Linear Flat Track

Y-Axis: Ball Screw, Linear Flat Track

Z-Axis: Beads Screw, Linear Flat Track

C-Axis: Imported high precision reducer

A-Axis: Imported high precision reducer

Spindle Power: 12KW / 24000 rpm (Hiteco)

• Servo Motor Power:

X-Axis: 2.5KW (Siemens High Precision Servo)

Y-Axis: 2.0KW (Siemens High Precision Servo)

Z-Axis: 1.5KW (Siemens High Precision Servo)

C-Axis: 1.0KW (Siemens High Precision Servo)

Power: 20KW/380V/50Hz

Air Pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa

Voltage: 380V/50Hz

External Dimensions: 8500 x 2500 x 2600 (mm)

 • Operating software:

Software system configuration: CNC high precision system. Adopt the original Siemens embedded type of industrial PC and high-speed DSP CPU, Significant increase the operation speed, Improve the NC machine processing efficiency.Powerful operation function and 2D image real-time display, special processing programming software, easy to learn, simple and intuitive programming.Convenient and rapid of Programming development , and it is widely used. The hardware uses the high-speed interface of DSP and PCI bus, which makes the interpolation operation more faster, provides the flexible control I / O interface, and provides rich and easy-to-use driving software. Due to its high running speed, It is especially suitable for the CNC machine which requires high speed processing.

Maximum programming dimension: 99999.999mm